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To work properly in the system:

1. Computer from which you will work in the Internet Client-Bank must meet the following conditions:
2. Add the site address (https://* ) in list of trusted sites.How to do it.
3. Turn off Pop-up Blocker for site (for Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 and above).How to do it.

4. For Etoken GOS users

Attention: When you first log on to the System from this computer or when necessary updates are downloaded from the server the Warning of security system appears which must be answered consent to click Yes.

If you have completed all steps but the components are not installed.Talk to your administrator to check the permissions to read and write to the directory %SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\.

Before your registration check for files with the keys in the specified path and carefully type the passphrase as system is sensitive to language and register set.


When an error occurs on the page Error on the page please check again if your system meets the requirements. Internet Client-Bank runs subject to Windows 2000, XP availability of the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above, VBScript 5.6 version and above. Below is a table which shows whether your system meets these requirements. If all requirements are met then you should see three green check marks:

It's necessary Your system
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer

If the system does not satisfy

  1. Mismatch of the operating system. In this case the solution is only to install the required operating system. If the graph of the system is written unknown, it means that the program could not obtain this information from your browser. Most likely the problem lies in the fact that you are using an outdated version of browser. See item 2.

  2. Inconsistency browser. Install the latest version of your browser Microsoft Internet Explorer please visit Microsoft. If the graph of the browser says unknown, it means that you are using an outdated or incompatible version of the browser.

  3. Version mismatch VBScript. If the graph about VBScript says unknown or nothing is written, it means that your browser either does not support VBScript (for example, the browser company Netscape), or you are using an outdated version VBScript.

To solve this problem on Windows Vista,7 you can try to use this instruction:

If these methods do not help, it means that your network administrator has changed the internet browser settings and your rights on the computer (read and write access to the directory %SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\) in such way, that it is impossible to work normally in the system.

For Etoken GOS users

If your operating system is Microsoft Windows XP, there CCID-driver smart-card have to be installed.
If it isnt exist, you have to download it here and install it using installation instruction:

Supplemental information